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Cheryl Turner

I was raised in a Christian home. I was saved at the age of five with full understanding of God's grace. I am very thankful for this. My trials and tribulations all happened for a reason. I hope you will be encouraged and learn something new. I praise God for showing me so much. When God called me to preach and evangelize at the age of sixteen, I resist this for 21 years. Finally, I excepted the challenge and when forward, doing what God called me to do. I also thankful for how God transformed my life. I have a great new husband now. My daughter and grand children are a great blessings . I praise God for my godly Mom and my wonderful sister.I am from Chicago and I lived in the another state for sixteen years. I return back to Chicago to raise my daughter as a single mom. God delivered me from being with a very abusive husband. My new caring husband and I moved here to help me take care of my mom. I know, in my heart, God is faithful. As I share some of my stories, this alone convivence me God is faithful. God showed me something interesting. God showed me that trails and tribulations can make or break us in our walk in the Lord. When we are faithful the fruits of the Spirit will show. I thank God daily for being a blessing. I can truly say I am blessed and highly favored. My story…Minister Cheryl Turner